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CNGS, the centre to facilitate the activities of all existing and new NGOs in Sri Lanka

Centre for Non Governmental Sector is a Government institution established to coordinate and facilitate NGOs in Sri Lanka.

The Government's intention is to ensure that international best practices and transparent procedures are adopted for effective participation of such organizations and better utilization of resources.

This will also facilitate an organized forum to promote a consultative process

The Government welcomes the interest shown by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) both national and international, in participating in the post-tsunami rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in Sri Lanka.

With the large number of NGOs, governments and donor agencies displaying considerable interest in being involved in the reconstruction phase, it is imperative to ensure:

  • Effective use of resources for reconstruction;
  • Transparency and accountability in allocation and disbursement of funds;
  • Effective overall coordination; so that the funds raised are effectively matched with the needs of the affected areas.

It is envisaged that the government machinery would be used to facilitate effective coordination, in this process.